Better Call Saul: New Teaser Trailer Shows Season 6 Will See THIS Character’s End

Published 04/08/2022, 4:30 AM EDT

Better Call Saul season 6 released a new trailer for the last season. After seven years, the show is finally coming to an end, where the fans are getting a conclusion about Saul Goodman. Fans are crazy about the Breaking Bad spin-off, not only for the show, Breaking Bad, which gives an inner perspective. But also we love the show for its stellar cast, gripping storyline, and the creative talent of series creator Vince Gilligan.  

Season 5 of Better Call Saul left the audience in a cliff-hanging situation, where Nacho Vargo was running away from Salamanca, and Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler continue the production of the cartel. So, the creators of Better Call Saul season 6, without revealing too many spoilers, gave us a hint of how much chaos, drama, violence, and violence will come up with the final season.


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The final season is coming up with 13 brand new episodes after two years of season 5.

When will Better Call Saul Season 6 release?

Better Call Saul season 6 will release on April 18th, 2022. And for Netflix, the date will be April 19th, 2022. 

The first two episodes will release on the premiere date. The other eleven episodes will release weekly every Tuesday.


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What will happen in season 6?

The final season reveals all the complicated journeys, which forced Jimmy McGuill to turn into a criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman. We finally discover the mysterious black-and-white flash-forwards at the beginning of every episode of Better Call Saul. We will also get a hint that Saul is facing an existential crisis, and living as Gene. The ending of Better Call Saul will be the beginning of Breaking Bad. 


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What is happening in the new trailer for the final season?

On Twitter, the new teaser trailer has released, and teases the fans by saying, “end of the line.” The trailer develops around the meeting of Jimmy McGill and Howard, who claims, “all roads lead back” to Jimmy aka Saul. Disturbed Kim and the Salamanca twins were seen in the footage. The clip questions the future of Kim, Lalo, Nacho, and Saul Goodman.

Check out the new teaser below:


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