Baby season 4 release date, cast, synopsis and trailer

Published 06/03/2021, 11:39 AM EDT

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Netflix announced the Baby season 4 release date soon. When is season 4 of the drama series coming to the popular streaming platform?

Baby is one of the most popular drama series on Netflix. As a non-English Netflix Original, the series managed to come forward among other dramas and also received positive reviews from the audience. The first season of the show made its debut back in November 2018. Starring Benedetta Porcaroli and Alice Pagani, all three seasons of the series are now available on the platform.

Italian teen TV show offers a total of 18 episodes full of intimate relationships and unending drama. The series follows two girls who study at one of the most prestigious schools in Rome, Italy. The two friends discover their differences and similarities as they go into the underworld of Rome, facing new threats to the city.


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Netflix has not renewed Baby for the fourth season. Because the streaming platform and the writers of the show announced that the series would end with season 3. The cast and the crew of the show were also content with how the show came to an end.

Unfortunately, Baby season 4 is not happening and the Italian TV series will not continue.

Like we mentioned earlier, Baby tells about two young girls attending a prestigious school in Rome. The girls, like many others in the school, are members of wealthy families. Even though they can basically reach their goal easily thanks to their prestigious lifestyle, the two girls find themselves attracted by the ghetto and the underbelly of the city to live a more dangerous and shady life.

As they refuse to live their lavish and wealthy lives, Chiara and Ludo go on a whole new journey in a different part of Rome. Now, we all remember what happened in the second and the third season. Chiara and Ludo have revealed who they really are and wanted to break the chain by getting out to open a new page in their lives.

After the finale of the third season, the series has officially ended as the writer decided not to continue with it. So Baby Season 4 synopsis is not something that we are going to watch in the future.

Like in many other cases, new actors and actresses will not be joining the cast of Baby. As the show is not going to continue, we have listed the talented names who starred in the series. Here’s Baby cast:


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  • Benedetta Porcaroli as Chiara Altieri
  • Alice Pagani as Ludovica Storti
  • Chabeli Sastre Gonzalez as Camilia Govender Rossi
  • Chiara Pompei as Camilla Brando
  • Riccardo Mandolini as Damiano Younes
  • Brando Pacitto as Fabio Fedeli
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo as Nicccolo Govender Rossi
  • Tommaso Ragno as Director Fedeli
  • Rossi Galatea Ranzi as Elsa
  • Mehdi Nebbou as Khalid Younes
  • Massimo Poggio as Arturo Altieri
  • Federica Lucaferri as Virginia
  • Batrice Bartoni as Vanessa

Netflix has not shared any teasers or trailers for Baby season 4 as they will not return. The streaming service also has not shared any visual content about the series. But here’s the official trailer video for the third season along with the official description.


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“The protagonists of Baby are coming back for a final season, ready to face the consequences of their choices, as the police start investigating the double lives of Ludovica and Chiara, pushing friendships, family ties, and romances to the breaking point.”

Well, here’s everything to know about the Baby season 4 release date. The show is officially over but you can always binge-watch it again.



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