All Animes Coming to Netflix in July 2021

Published 06/17/2021, 5:57 PM EDT

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Here is the list of all the animes coming to the popular streaming platform Netflix in July 2021.

Netflix is quite generous when it comes to variety. Their library does not consist of a single genre, and quite the opposite, everyone can find something to their taste in Netflix‘s huge catalog. Animes are certainly a part of this, too. Many anime fans are waiting for new installments for their shows on the platform. Therefore, Netflix adds more and more animes to its library. The next month will be no exception to this.

As we’re halfway through June, fans are already wondering about the animes that’ll be on Netflix in July 2021. Here are the animes that are coming to the platform the next month. We have two highly popular and anticipated works, namely, Beastars season 2 and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, while the new Masters of the Universe anime cannot be overlooked as well.


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June 2021 will feature the release of some classic anime films. Hathaway is going to take on where the other Mobile Suit Gundam works left.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway is going to be on Netflix on July 1st. It’s going to run for 95 minutes. Check out its official trailer below!

This highly anticipated Resident Evil work is an adaptation of a video game series of the same name. The story is going to be based on the games. As this is a limited series, we’ll only see four episodes.

The release date is July 8th, and the trailer is below.

Beastars is one of the most popular animes on Netflix, so fans are waiting eagerly for its second season. Fortunately, it’s going to return soon. Netflix is going to release Beastars season 2 on July 15th. This new season of Beastars is going to consist of twelve episodes.

If you’re not familiar with Beastars, let us briefly talk about its premise. The story takes place in a rather bizarre environment, namely in a society filled with human-like animals, who are culturally divided into two groups: herbivores and carnivores. We see the drama of those animals in Beastars. You can check out the trailer of its second season below.

He-Man is back! This new MotU series, directed by Kevin Smith, will directly take on where the 80s show left. The expectations are high as the animation studio of Masters of the Universe: Revelation is the same as Castlevania, which is a pretty popular anime on Netflix.

It’ll be released on July 23rd, and have ten episodes. There’s no trailer shared by Netflix, but you can check out its teaser below.


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This season is going to mark the ending of the Transformers: War for Cybertron trilogy.

It’s going to be released on Netflix on July 29th, and have six episodes. We don’t have a trailer right now, but that might be because we’re so far away from the release date.


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