“They are all..”- ‘One Piece’ Fans React to Netflix Unveiling the Young Actors in Upcoming Live Action

Published 08/18/2023, 7:54 AM EDT

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The anime that catapults viewers into a world of jaw-dropping battles and epic discoveries, One Piece, is nearing its live-action launch. And fans have already begun imagining the explosive world of Monkey D. Luffy bursting onto their screens in a live-action spectacle. From Luffy’s rubbery antics to Zoro’s blade-wielding prowess, fans will soon witness the crew’s thrilling journey like never before. 

Unlike Netflix’s underwhelming poster released earlier, the trailer captured the essence of camaraderie and adventure. Yet one thing that fans were apprehensive about was the portrayal of the characters’ bittersweet backstories. Meanwhile, Netflix put that apprehension to rest with adorable first-look graphics of the young cast of the anime. The images give us a peek at the childhood depiction of Luffy, Zoro, and Nami, among others.


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For eager fans, it is essential that the actors who would play the young versions of the Straw Hats be just as good as the main cast. To do justice to the complex stories of the crew from the New York Times Best Selling manga, the children need to be nuanced in the art of acting. Because set in a universe that is as wild as the Grand Line itself, One Piece is the kind of anime that invokes a rollercoaster of emotions in audiences. 


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And these impressive visuals of the young crew have only made fans resolve to hunker down on the 31st of August and binge the anime. Especially now that these impressive visuals have hooked in newcomers and die-hard fans alike.

The mini versions of One Piece crew win over fans’ hearts

Besides looking absolutely adorable, the youngins had people feeling all sorts of emotions. Except for Luffy’s brother, Ace, who will be absent from Season 1, fans rushed to pick out their favorites from the anime’s young cast. Also, dominating the comments were confessions from fans who were moved to tears. But most fans share the opinion that “they are all perfect“!

Some fans are rushing to pick their favorites among the adorable crew.

On the other hand, some users shared their criticisms too. While another was already tearing up with apprehension.


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Although certain characters’ unfortunate childhoods will lead to some bittersweet moments, One Piece is set to take off on an electrifying odyssey that fans will not want to miss!


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What do you think about the young Straw Hats depiction in the images? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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