11 things to expect from Stranger Things season 4

Published 06/24/2021, 1:14 PM EDT

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Let’s check out some of the things that we can see in the highly anticipated Stranger Things season 4.

The cast and crew of Stranger Things are surely taking their time to deliver the new season. Although the biggest interval between the seasons up to now is two years, the new season will probably be released three years after the latest one. The pandemic is a major factor for this, but it’s still disappointing for the fans.

While waiting for updates on the next season, we learned a lot of things about it. Thanks to the teasers, interviews, official announcements, and BTS photos along the way, we have some vague ideas about Stranger Things season 4. Let’s compile them and make a list of the things we can expect to see in the next season.


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We’re going to see some new actors added to the crew. We saw the series add new fan-favorite characters with each season, and this one will be no exception. The crew recently announced four new actors, one of whom is the star of Anne with an E, namely, Amybeth McNulty. The new characters will be tied to Hawkins High one way or another.

We’re not sure of that, but the new additions to the cast make way for a perfect high school subplot. One of the new additions is a guidance counselor who cares for her students. When we look at the other three, we see a new girl (Amybeth McNulty) who catches the eye of one of our beloved heroes. As for the other two, one of them is the lead cheerleader, and the other is a basketball player for Hawkins High. Seems like a great set to me.

The latest teaser of Stranger Things season 4 gave us a glimpse of Eleven’s backstory. We’ll presumably see more of the child experiments and the other numbered test subjects in the new season.

As expected, Eleven’s surrogate father will probably be back in Stranger Things season 4, too. The crew will probably use flashbacks to show us Papa. We know that thanks to the same teaser we just mentioned above. Check it out below.

As far as the actors are concerned, we’re underway for a great season in terms of scripts. As Duffer Brothers had an ample amount of time to write the season because of the COVID break, they seem to have done a great job. Check out what Maya HawkeGaten Matarazzo, and David Harbour had to say about that by clicking on the related links.

Stranger Things is known for its iconic young cast. However, as the filming of this season took longer than expected, fans expect to see the kids grow up more than they were supposed to. This might be a problem for the next season. We’ll see how the crew will tackle this. If you’re curious about that, you can also check out the actual ages of Stranger Things’ young crew.

Stranger Things is a series that gets dark from time to time. Its dosage has been highly variable throughout the three seasons. However, the next season is going to amp it up. We know that thanks to the interviews some of the actors gave. Finn Wolfhard, for example, mentioned that “it’s the darkest season that’s ever been made.” Matarazzo said some similar things. “I was reading it, I’m like, ‘They’re going for it this year. That’s pretty cool’.”


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The fan-favorite character certainly didn’t leave off in a good place at the end of season 3. She lost her powers and Hopper at the end of the season. And some new photos indicate that her health might be going even worse, as we see her wheeled out on a stretcher. We’ll see how she does.

Some of you probably recall this very clearly. In the first teaser shared for Stranger Things season 4, we saw Jim Hopper in a Soviet camp, working together with a bunch of prisoners. That implies we might get to see more Russia in the next season. You can watch the teaser below.


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Horror does not go without some violence and fight. As far as we can understand from the atmosphere in the latest teaser “Eleven, are you listening?”, things at the lab won’t be so positive. In addition to that, a new batch of BTS photos shows us the situations of some of the actors, which clearly discloses that there’ll be violent fights.

The next season will most probably be on Netflix in the next year. According to David Harbour, the filming process is going to wrap up in August. That lines up with the earlier remark of Finn Wolfhard, who expects a 2022 release date. So yeah, we still have a long way to go.



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